Match Women’s Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt

If you are looking for something new to wear in the casual style, then why not consider a flannel plaid shirt? They have been around for a long time, and they seemingly never appear to go out of fashion, to the point that they are universally-worn to this day. Flannel looks good on both men and women, and it is sure to make you feel comfortable wearing it, all the time making you attractive to others out there!

That said, with Match’s long sleeve flannel plaid shirt, it is well-suited for women who want to feel a bit edgy, perhaps relive their 90’s era in style. Match’s flannel plaid shirts come in a variety of colors to choose from, ranging from green to red to blue and everything in between. In fact, choose up to as many as 40 different colors and patterns as means of best customizing your ideal flannel—really, the options are endless!

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Detailed information about Match Women’s Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt

Style-wise, this plaid shirt plays with the classical elements of a traditional plaid shirt, all the while adding a feminine spin to it. In other words, it offers soft cotton material, along with two chest patch pockets for that extra touch (and also practicality for putting small items like keys inside) and side tabs that can be adjusted for a slimmer, trimmed look. In fact, much of the flannel can be adjusted to suit your body’s needs, as it can offer a better presentation of your physique if you are otherwise unhappy with it. Incredible to believe that style can be played around with to customize how you look and present yourself to the public! Once more, your options are endless in terms of color, pattern, and overall design of the flannel plaid shirt.