Tile Mate: Find Your Keys in A Beat

Life can sometimes get really busy and at times quite messy. We end up on the wrong side of the bed and have a whole slew of problems we may need to face, like losing our keys. What if there was a way to know exactly where your keys were every time? We would now like to show you the Tile Mate, the thing that can help you do just that!

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Detailed information about Tile Mate: Find Your Keys in A Beat

The Tile Mate is the thing to help you never lose your keys ever again. Tile Mate is a tiny square device that does a big job - it is a Bluetooth tracking device to track almost anything. Tile Mate is made with a tiny hole in the top left corner so that you can easily attach it to any key ring. To find your lost item, simply use the Tile app on your smartphone, and then your phone will show you the location of wherever your Tile is with whatever item you have on it. If you lose your Tile, you can easily find it as well through the online community and support. If any member who has a Tile comes into a radius near yours, you will be notified where and when it was found.  It will last for 1 year before needing to replace it since the batteries are not replaceable. Tile Mate only works on Apple Devices that have ios 8.1 or higher, Android Devices running 4.4.2 or higher Lollipop or KitKat or any Android device running Marshmallow 6.0.0, or any Samsung Galaxy Phones S5 and up.