Indmird Battery Case For iPhone

Are you an Iphone mega user? And by mega user I mean that you consistently run out of battery? The poor phones can barely keep up with your work and social life! Well if you are always charging your phone and carrying an annoying brick around, then you will want to keep reading because this battery case is exactly what you (or a loved one needs)!

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Detailed information about Indmird Battery Case For iPhone

This is a catch all, awesome case. First off, it looks nice, and it isn’t super bulky. This awesome batter can get you up to 12 hours of extra talk time or 8 hours of extra internet time! That is amazing. It comes in awesome. Make sure you get the right case though because there are separate cases for the iPhone 6/6S/7 and the iPhone 6 Plus/ 6S Plus/ and 7 Plus. The case comes in four great colors: black, light blue, gold, and rose gold.

Another benefit to this case is that the top of the case is removeable and can be used as a magnetic bracket. This holds up the case so you can watch videos, play games, or read instructions (for crafting or recipes) without having to hold the phone.