The Things You Do That Your Cat Hates!

Plenty of people believe that cats like to chill out and are relatively well mannered. When in reality, cats have the tendency to live in their own world. Just like humans, they have a list of things that they’d prefer you didn’t do, especially if your cat is temperamental.

Little do most people know, most of the things they do, their cat secretly hates. Whether you’re a current cat owner or you’re thinking about adopting one, here is a list of things that we all do that our cats hate.

1. Going for Car Rides

If you take your dog for a car ride, it’s likely they’re going to love it. Your cats, however, hate it. They’re not the type of pet that’s going to hang their heads out of the window and embrace the air sweeping across their ears. Cats are incredibly territorial and have a list of things in their routine that makes them feel comfortable (car rides excluded).

cat in car

In fact, taking your cat for a car ride could freak them out more than you could imagine. This could result in them vomiting or defecating due to feeling ill. Not to mention it will fill them with anxiety.

2. Baths

This particular thing is dependent on the type of cat that you have, as some domesticated breeds enjoy bath time, but others simply don’t. This is why you see an abundance of memes of cats in the bath looking more miserable than ever. This is because cats are one of the few animals that prefer to bathe themselves without your help and without water. In fact, you might want to research some tips to make bath time more enjoyable for your cat.

At the end of the day, baths are necessary for any pet. Especially those that like to get themselves dirty throughout the day. However, it’s not going to be a particularly enjoyable event for you or your cat.

3. Too Much Petting

It can be easy to want to snuggle with your cat and pet them constantly, especially because it’s the way that you think you show your cats love. Remember when we said that cats are often in their own world? This also means that they’re not interested in being forced into being pet by their owners every second of the day. With that being said, this is another thing that is dependent on the type of cat that you own.

annoyed cat

Many people find that their cat may be purring when they start petting them but quickly end up switching to hissing. The best way to figure out what is most comfortable for your cat is to learn their personality. Do they try to get away from you after more than 5 minutes of petting? Alternatively, are they comfortable being touched for hours on end? Once you get a grasp on what they enjoy, you can maintain a more friendly relationship with them.

4. Infrequent Litter Box Changes

This is one of the most important things for any pet owner, as changing the litter box is one of the most important things you can do. This goes for any pet ranging from hamsters to cats. Some pet owners assume that because cats are inherently clean, they prefer to manage their own litter boxes. When in reality, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

You wouldn’t like to use a toilet that has been filled with waste and never flushed, would you? The same thing applies to cats. The cleaner their litter box is, the happier they’ll be. Not to mention the nicer your home will smell.

5. Playing Loud Music

When you’re in a good mood and you feel like listening to some of your favorite tunes, it’s important to think about your pets as well. Even though we might like the idea of blasting music and cleaning the house, your cats certainly don’t. These pats are well known for their tendency to suffer from anxiety and loud music only makes it worse.

This also applies to talking too loudly or turning up the TV too loud. You might notice that if a room is too busy or loud for their liking, they’ll find a quieter place to hang out.

6. Ignoring Your Cat

This is where it gets a little difficult in terms of figuring out your cat’s personality. By now, you might have the assumption that cats prefer to be off on their own, but that’s not always the case. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your cat revolves around finding a happy medium between showing them too much and too little attention. If there’s one thing that can be said, it’s that your cat will absolutely hate it if you ignore them, similar to a dog.

ignoring your cat

As an animal that usually spends most of their time indoors, they’re going to want to engage in plenty of activities with you. Whether it’s playing with their favorite toys or simply lying down and talking to one another, they can love attention. This is especially true if someone new is introduced into the home. You might find that your cat will try to get your attention if they think they’re being ignored.

7. Taking Medication

Even as a human, taking medication is something that none of us enjoy, especially if it leaves a foul taste in your mouth. Many cats react to taking medicine in different ways. Some might spit it back out, others might foam at the mouth. The best way to make sure that your cat takes their medicine is to mask it with something delicious. For example, giving them medicine and then immediately giving them a treat afterward.

Another fantastic tip is to make sure that you give them their medicine on a specific schedule. This will make it easier for your cat to expect when it’s time to take the medicine. They’ll also know that a treat will be coming right after they take their dose.

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat can be a great experience and for many people, they’re the perfect companions to have. Similar to dogs, different cat breeds react in different ways. Finding a happy medium between what you and your cat enjoy will help you to live together in harmony.

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