The Most Scenic Drives in America Fully Reviewed

Reader’s Digest has a way of bringing the best publications to its audience, and it has been the reader’s favorites so far. They have not disappointed with this great travel guidebook titled The Most Scenic Drives in America. This book is great, and it would be an amazing gift to people who are always on the move. So, if you have a traveler or a camper in your Christmas gift list, then there is no doubt that this book will be a befitting and memorable gift to them.

Here is a breakdown of what’s amazing about this particular Reader’s Digest 120-page book. It’s a one-trip travel guide planner, revised and fully updated to include the most scenic drives and trips in America.

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Detailed information about The Most Scenic Drives in America Fully Reviewed

The book steers the reader to go through the most scenic roads they have ever imagined in America. From Florida, all the way to Flamingo and it goes further to Hawaii's Oahu Coastal loop. The reader will have fun going through Cape Cod's Sandy Shores, Colombia's Sea, and it even includes a trip to Canada and many other iconic and amazing destinations that are in everyone's road trip wish list.

The guide also includes state maps, fully revised and easy to read. The drives are all well grouped in four sections, which are also packed with amazing and clear pictures. The sections include Mountain, Western, Central, and Eastern states together with provinces. Each is fully accompanied by revised maps which are detailed and user-friendly.


A thoroughly revised travel guide planner with most scenic road trips across America

All the information is well illustrated with colorful pictures, detailed maps, and other essential information

Available in three formats including a hardcover