Personalized American Oak Bourbon Aging Barrel

If you have someone in your life that enjoys a glass of well-matured whiskey or bourbon, they will love this product. The barrel is made from natural oak wood and has black hoops with a spigot and a spile to make this a traditional oak cask designed to age the spirits perfectly, no matter which type the owner prefers.

If the recipient of this gift prefers wine or beer, then the cask can be used for those beverages as well but the cleaning and sterilisation regime between refills must be a lot stricter because of the lower alcohol content.

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Detailed information about Personalized American Oak Bourbon Aging Barrel

The barrel is beautifully engraved with the owner's personal details and the label depicting the type of spirit inside. This barrel will allow the connoisseur to age their own spirits in weeks rather than years as is usually the case. The whole kit includes a customised and handcrafted charred oak ageing barrel.

Along with this is the bung, spigot, ageing stand, storing tablets and funnels. There is also a full instruction leaflet describing the best way to age Bourbon, Cognac, Whiskey, Tequila, Scotch, Rum, Various liqueurs and Schnaps.

All that is required is to buy a favorite shop bought spirit and pour the liquid into the barrel. Leave for a few weeks to age to the taste you require.


This is a traditionally made oak ageing barrel designed to age your own spirits to produce smooth and warm feeling matured liquor