The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

If there was one thing everyone has in common, it is the love of food. It is the way to someone’s heart ad they day, and also a reflection of one’s culture, personality, and preferences.

In the world today, we are so incredibly lucky to be able to experience different cuisines from different parts of the world, and if we want to, we can even make it ourselves – with a simple search on the internet, we can watch a video tutorial, read a recipe on a blog and even buy a new cookbook, all while hanging out at home.

And because we believe food is a universal way of saying “I love you”, we have something that will spice up your loved one’s kitchen (pun unintended) and have them cooking up a feast in no time. We present to you the Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler by Salt of the 7 Seas.

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Detailed information about The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

The sea salt flavors that come in this set are so intriguing that you will probably have a hard time picking which one to try first. With flavors such as Matcha Zen, which is green tea infused; Espresso d’Oro, sea salt that from its name alone gives away that this one is infused with espresso; and Hawaiian Onyx, unique sea salt from the beautiful island of Hawaii that is of the color black.


Unique and interesting flavors

Comes in a nice packaging