Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Sampler Gift (8 Piece Gift) 

Isn’t amazing how food gifts are great and appropriate for any occasion and anyone? If you are stuck on what kind of gift to give to the host at a dinner cocktail party, or a housewarming party, a food gift would conveniently sort you out. That said, if you are planning on gifting someone with a food gift, you have to get one that will leave a mark, a memorable one.

Nothing beats the Stonewall Kitchen Pancake sampler gift box. The 8-piece breakfast gourmet will be an experience that anyone would wish to wake up to every morning. The food basket carries a collection of amazing and delicious products from different top best sellers. You can be assured that the receiver will not only be receiving the very best there is but they will also get delicious products that will awaken their taste buds.


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Detailed information about Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Sampler Gift (8 Piece Gift) 

This basket gift contains 8-pieces of amazing breakfast collection. The pancake sampler gift comes filled with a mini raspberry peach champagne jam, a mini red raspberry jam, a mini wild Maine blueberry jam, a blue maple syrup, a blueberry pancake mix and waffle mix, a farmhouse pancake and waffle mix and a double chocolate pancake and waffle mix. If this collection doesn't water your mouth already, then nothing else will. This will definitely be an amazing treat to anyone including a well-known foodie.

The receiver of this delicious looking gift box will not just be getting one treat of amazingly tasty jam, but a collection of three delicious mini-jams. As if that's not enough, they will get an exceptionally delicious syrup and best pancake and waffle mixes that will leave them yearning for more.


The gift set has a collection of amazing and delicious breakfast products

It comes in a decorative gift box or basket

Stonewall Kitchen is an award-winning brand of delicious gourmet foods