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The Curse of the Campfire Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy Tales (Weenies Stories)

Do you have trouble getting your child to read alone? Are you looking for something to read to the kids around the campfire while on a camping and hiking trip? Have you run out of things for the kids to do on a sleepover? If the answer to any of these is yes and if your kids are over nine years old then you should buy this book. Most children from the age of nine through to twelve love funny books, they also like age appropriate spooky and thriller books and this collection of short stories combines those genres into one.

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Aimed at Grade level five to nine, these short stories are marvellous at encouraging your child to read on their own as well as enjoying the process of reading. One word of warning however, although most of the reviewers thought the stories were perfect for their kid, there were a small minority who decided that the books were too scary for their little dears.

Whether your kids are spooked by stories such as these is for you to decide, but if you restrict their reading material you run the risk of alienating them from good, clean, honest storybooks. Remember some of the classic fairy tales written and compiled by the brilliant fantasy authors The Brothers Grimm and by Hans Christian Andersen that we grew up with could be classed as spooky and violent, but they tend to wean the child gently so they are not shocked too much when they grow older and meet up with real life.

Lifting a few of the plots out of the book will give us a taste of the kind of stories found within: A boy discovers why pigeons always poop in parks; A second grade maths class find out why they must be good to their teacher; Two young children escape a campfire weenie only to find something even more terrifying: Girl Scouts sitting around the campfire singing songs. You can see why these shadowy stories will keep your kids enthralled for many hours.


  • Stories to encourage your kids to read books alone
  • Comes in a variety of formats to suit most requirements
  • Stories to keep your kids enthralled for hours
  • Age appropriate funny and creepy stories for age nine to twelve