Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight 6-Ounce Glass Set of 4

Love a good flight of booze? This paddle of beer will definitely be a great gift for anyone who loves to have a good time! This fancy-looking flight of glasses will give any buyer a really luxurious impression. The set of glasses is made of high-quality material that makes them really sturdy and durable. Its clear appearance can show off craft beers that people would like to try for the night. Nonetheless, these glasses are also quite Instagram-worthy! The overall look of the flight will garner hundreds of likes in just one photo.

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Detailed information about Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight 6-Ounce Glass Set of 4

This gift comes not just with glasses but with a wooden board that is used to put them on. The wooden board itself has a great finish which makes it really appropriate to place it on the table. This board will wow any guest. It will absolutely make gatherings more interesting that those usual drinking nights. Only a prepared homeowner would take out a flight of beer and all of their friends would absolutely love it!