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TableTopics TO GO Road Trip Card Game

Have you a long road trip coming up and want to keep the kids away from their electronic games? Why not buy this pack of especially designed cards for your family to keep them occupied?

The “Road Trip, To Go”  from Table Topics is a set of forty conversation starter topics contained in a plastic slipcase so the cards will stay safe and clean. The gift is not a game in the strictest sense of the word. There is no scoring and there are no teams. No one is right and no one is wrong.

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Detailed information about TableTopics TO GO Road Trip Card Game

The type of topics in this pack include ones similar in style to: Would you rather live in New York, Chicago or San Francisco and why?; What car would be most fun for a family road trip; What’s the most amazing thing you have seen from a car window; which stop would you choose along the route and why? You can see that the topics are perfect to get the conversation started. It doesn’t matter how long a person talks about it, just so long as it is interesting and causes a few laughs.

The topics are designed to appeal to all the family from age 6 years to adult and should allow everyone to get an insight into what makes their travelling companions tick. One thing to bear in mind is that once the topics have all been covered, the travelers cannot really repeat them on the next trip unless there are different people present.


This set of cards contains topics that almost everyone can talk about no matter how young or old they are

Forty different conversation starters should keep everyone occupied for a few hours

Worth buying if you have kids to keep happy without electronic games.


Once the travelers have gone through the complete pack, the topics cannot really be repeated so you might have to buy some of the other packs