UPPEL Travel Adapter

The one thing that can be so frustrating when in a different country is the power plugs. You never really think about it but every continent has different adapters and if you don’t have that kind of plug then your phone and laptop are as good as dead. There are many different adapters out there but the UPPEL Travel Adapter is by far the best. It features 4 international electrical plug adapters which work in the UK, the U.S, Australia and Europe. That’s over 150 countries! No matter where you are, you’ll always be plugged in and good for power. It’s extremely compact and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for every trip.

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Detailed information about UPPEL Travel Adapter

 Not only that, it’s designed to be completely user-friendly. Simply push the small black knob on the side for Type A (U.S), Type I (Australia) or Type G (U.K) and flip up the adapter for Type C (Europe). When it is plugged in it can also charge up to two mobile phones or two USB powered devices at the same time and one other power socket powered item. For a safety precaution, there are two built-in fuse and surge protectors. They have built-in safety shutters and an LED power indicator which lets you know when it’s on.