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Sumnacon Crystal Sphere Ball

There can be no ornament more sophisticated or beautiful than a glass spherical ball perched upon its own rotatable stand. Glass spheres have been in use for many hundreds of years as fortune telling crystal balls, and more recently as meditation and healing aids.

They have also been used as magnifying glasses and as a photography ball to produce all sorts of special effects when used in conjunction with a camera.

This clear glass ‘crystal’ ball is about 2.36” (60mm) diameter and comes with its own purpose made mahogany colored wooden stand allowing a full 360 degrees rotation.

It is almost flawless in the manufacture, sometimes there are small air bubbles trapped inside the glass that actually enhances its natural beauty and appearance. When used as a photographic aid the sphere is clear enough to produce stunningly good photos.

Looking through the sphere at a subject creates all kind of fantastic special effects that can be captured on film using a standard camera.

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Detailed information about Sumnacon Crystal Sphere Ball

It is so easy to be creative with the glass sphere and you can be sure that all your photos will be something special.

You can also use the glass sphere as a magnifying glass to read small text and inspect small items. Like any other magnifying glass it is able to magnify the heat of the sun to start a fire so be aware of the place you store this item and keep it out of the sun.


A beautiful glass sphere complete with its stand

Perfect for all kinds of uses

Big enough to be useful yet not too big as to be awkward