Revel Shore Stranger Things The Upside Down 1983 T-Shirt

Another perfect gift for your favorite Stranger Things fan! This T-shirt is bound to be a hit with any devotee of the show. Whether for a birthday, a holiday or just because, this is a gift that will be sure to please any fan!

The graphics on this shirt shows both sides of Hawkins, the real world and the “Upside Down”. In the real world, you see your favorite characters, Mike with Eleven on the back of his bike, along with Lucas and Dustin riding through the woods. Beneath this is a frightening image from the “Upside Down” dimension, depicted in the negative, with Will being chased by the Demogorgon!

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Detailed information about Revel Shore Stranger Things The Upside Down 1983 T-Shirt

This top comes in a wide assortment of colors; grey, natural, pink, white or black, and it is sized from extra small to double extra-large, so you can be certain that this shirt will be a perfect fit for any fan, any size, any gender and any age!

This crew neck shirt is made out of 100% cotton that has been preshrunk for more accurate and consistent sizing. You can be confident that the shirt that you take out of the package when it arrives will be the same size when you take it out of the dryer after its first time through the laundry. There is nothing more disappointing than finding your perfect top with an ideal fit, only to have it shrink beyond wearable after the first wash. Well, that won’t happen here!