Starbucks Water Bottle and Reusable Cold Cup Tumbler w/Lid and Straw

For Starbucks fans, loving Starbucks is not just a passion, but also a lifestyle. A cup of their favorite drink is not just a cup, its Starbucks!

By now, you aware that any coffee lover gift will have this bunch beaming for the rest of the year and we are here to make sure that you put a smile on their faces.

You will truly score good marks with a Starbucks obsessed fan with this gift set that comes with Starbucks clear water bottle and a reusable cold cup tumbler.

These two goodies will, without a doubt, compliment her lifestyle and the coffee dates the two of you will have together.

This pack will be a nice reminder that you understand that they can’t miss their daily dose of caffeine, and you are there to support them.

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Detailed information about Starbucks Water Bottle and Reusable Cold Cup Tumbler w/Lid and Straw

And because Starbucks is not just for the cold seasons but also summer days, this pack will make sure they have something to sip when the weather gets toasty.

The water bottle will ensure that the recipient stays hydrated, and the reusable cup will suffice for a good amount of cold foam frosted coffee brew.

Both products are made from BPA plastic material. The tumbler is reusable and appropriately sized to hold 24oz of frosted cold coffee drinks.

The venti cup, on the other hand, features a siren mermaid on the side, making it look super cool.

What more, the lucky recipient will always get discounts every time they go for a refill with the tumbler.


Comes with a BPA free water bottle, a venti cup with a lid, a bag, and a gift card

The bottle and the cup are made of BPA free plastic material

The cup is reusable and designed for frosted cold beverages