Spartan Knife Block – Handmade Premium Birch

Kitchen suppliance has just become a thousand times more interesting with this knife block. The Spartan Knife Block is not just an ordinary knife holder. It is a handmade premium birch that resembles a Spartan warrior. The wood is made into a human shape and the shield of this figure is also made from wood. The shield serves as the main part of the holder and it features holes for the knives. The figure is perfectly balanced so it can hold a few different types of knives in the shield without the risk of an unfirm grip. As an additional feature, the warrior has one empty place in his hand, in which the knife sharpener should be placed. This might be a perfect gift for any person who has a taste for warrior movies or has an interest in collecting unconventional kitchen items.

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Detailed information about Spartan Knife Block – Handmade Premium Birch

This knife block may be a perfect gift for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. It can be bought for any gender and it would be really appealing to cooks who like action movies. With this blocker, cooking is far safer and the knives are perfectly stored. It is a gift that can be bought for literally any occasion and the giftees are going to absolutely love it.