Kusmi Tea – 15 Tins of Loose Leaf Flavored Teas

Making a cup of tea is not just throwing a tea bag into a cup and pouring on hot water. If the tea drinker intends on doing it properly they must realize that making a good cup of tea is a ritual, just like the rituals that the Japanese, the Chinese, Indians, and Russians have been making for hundreds of years. A good cup of tea needs the correct temperature water, it needs the correct time for brewing but most of all it requires the correct type of tea. Obviously, loose leaf tea is the best but tea bags can also make a good cup if the drinker prefers.

This tea sampler from Kusmi Tea contains fifteen different tea blends to give the tea drinker the greatest enjoyment and to make sure that their tea drinking experience is something special.

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Detailed information about Kusmi Tea – 15 Tins of Loose Leaf Flavored Teas

The fifteen tea blends include five wellness teas (infusions really, as only the leaf of the tea bush can truly be called tea), Detox, Sweet Love, Euphoria, Be Cool and Boost; five Green Teas, Rose Green Tea, Spearmint Green Tea, Strawberry Green Tea, Ginger & Lemon Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea; five Russian and classic Black Teas, Anastasia, Imperial Label, St Petersburg, Kashmir Chai and Prince Vladimir.

All of these tea blends are different and all require trying out before the drinker decides which they prefer and which to buy a significant amount.


This is a wonderful sampler of 15 different tea infusions to suit all palates and all moods

The presentation box includes not only the tea but also 100 filter papers and a stylish teaspoon

This is a perfect kit for a newcomer and a more experienced tea drinker to experiment with new blends