SONOS Play:1: Bluetooth Speaker Fully Reviewed

Sometimes we just like to get LOUD. We scream at concerts, yell at the football game, cry when we see something emotional, and laugh when we are entertained. Loudness is just a part of who we are as a people. We like things loud. When it comes to our music, loudness should be no exception. If we were to really ask everyone if they would rather listen to their favorite song quietly or loudly, the answer most often would be loud. We like rocking out to our favorite tunes, and if we’re all honest, who doesn’t? Sometimes we just want a bigger BOOM in our music and our small little headphones just doesn’t kill it. The speaker on our phones don’t cut it either. So, then, what should we do? Well, we here at That Sweet Gift know of just the perfect thing; the SONOS Play:1!

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Detailed information about SONOS Play:1: Bluetooth Speaker Fully Reviewed

The SONOS Play:1 is a Bluetooth speaker that is not a normal speaker. It is not normal as it is not in terms of what you’d expect from a Bluetooth speaker. At first glance, you may just wonder why exactly this is not a normal speaker as on the outside it looks just like any ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Here’s the thing, it’s not what’s on the outside that matters, but it is what is on the inside that counts. The SONOS Play:1 is compact and can easily fit in just about any space like a countertop, shelf, or table and does not take up much room. What makes this speaker different is that even though it is small, it delivers a big punch when it comes down to the sound quality. The quality of sound you get is something you would not expect from such a tiny speaker. It gets this amazing sound from its Class-D amplifiers as well as the unique, custom-built drivers. With the hardware inside, you now have amazing, crisp, clear, and loud audio that brings about an amazing listening experience. As if the sound was not good enough, the SONOS Play:1 is also completely humidity resistant and can even be used with Amazon Alexa for a hands-free musical journey!