The GoSun: Solar Powered Portable Grill

If you were to ask most people, most would say they love a good cookout. From hot dogs to burgers, from ribs to pork, there is something for everyone.

Sometimes we can crave a good cookout but there isn’t really any way to ‘grill out.’ There could be no actual grill, the grill could be broke, not enough charcoal, or maybe no propane.

What if there was a versatile grill that doesn’t require charcoal and it doesn’t require propane? The only thing required is a renewable source of energy that can be found quite literally.

That one resource is the Sun. With that said, we here at That Sweet Gift want to show you the GoSun, the one and only grill powered by the sun!

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Detailed information about The GoSun: Solar Powered Portable Grill

So what is the GoSun? It is simply the first ever portable grill that is all powered by the Sun. Yes, the Sun. It is 100% solar powered and can get up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit in under 10 minutes!

When cooking, it acts like a slow cooker keeping the hot in and the cold out. In fact, the outside it actually completely safe to touch as they designed this with children's safety in mind.

Cooking food would be really simple. Just simply place the veggies, meat or other items inside the specially made vacuum tube, close the lid, and let the Sun cook the food!

Even if there are some clouds in your area and it is not super sunny, fear not as cooks can still cook because the GoSun is extremely effective in capturing UV rays and trapping them into the tube.

The GoSun is also very portable and lightweight. All the reflectors and the base fold and collapse down into a 7.5lb clamshell case with carrying handles.

The vacuum tube will also cook your food 360 degrees all around making sure the food is evenly cooked on all sides.

It takes the joys of cooking on a grill without all the extra things like charcoal and propane!