Snoozies Women’s Applique Slipper Socks

After a hard day at work or being on your feet all day, there is nothing quite like walking through the door, kicking your shoes into the corner, flexing your toes and slipping them into a pair of warm and comfy slippers.

More and more people realize the health benefits of removing outdoor shoes before entering the home, something that certain Oriental cultures have been doing for hundreds of years.

Who really wants to bring into the house mud, dirt and all the other things you might have stepped in on the way home? Isn’t it far better to remove them at the door? But do you really want to be walking through the house in bare feet or just wearing socks?

Often floors are made from marble, wood, vinyl or another cold surface that is uncomfortable on unprotected feet and you need to wear some house shoes or slippers to keep your toes warm.

These slipper socks from Snoozies are the ideal product to slip your tired feet into when you are walking around the house.

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Detailed information about Snoozies Women’s Applique Slipper Socks

This one, in particular, has an applique image of two halves of a dachshund, on half on either foot, but there is a range of 31 different colors and images for you to choose from.

They all have things in common however, they are all cute and comical and have matching halves of the image on each foot. It doesn’t matter if your interests are dogs, cats, birds, coffee or wine, you will probably find an image that suits your lifestyle and sense of humor.


Adorable slip-on mule type slipper socks

Non-slip rubber soles

There is a total of 31 different colors and designs so just about everyone will be able to find a pair that suits them