Smart and Sneaky Ways to Impress Your Boss

You’re doing it all wrong when you surprise your boss with a breakfast sandwich and a coffee from his favorite place and whisper in his ear, don’t worry, you can trust me. It is a more or less a creepy way to try and initiate a good level of trust between you and your boss.

If you’re not creep, but you’re also not serious about gaining trust with your boss, consider being more concerned about a relationship built on trust! Trust opens up opportunities to take on more responsibility, pitch new ideas, learn new things, and gain more respect and appreciation from your boss as you tackle more challenges and tasks.

How does one gain trust from the big guy? What types of ninja moves will help me get to a solid Level 10  on the trust scale with my boss? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of smart and sneaky ways you can get you boss to trust you without looking like a creep or a suck-up. Instead of going against company policies and bribing your boss with treats or promises or blatantly pleading with your boss to trust you, you can appear professional and suave in gesturing for trust with your boss.

Get Ahead of the Request

This is an oldie, but a goodie! It has never failed me in receiving appreciation or a silent nod of approval from my boss. Complete the action before it is requested, or respond before being asked to respond. Whatever the task or responsibility is, get ahead of your workload and do it! This can simply mean marking your calendar for deadlines and turning something in before it is due, or prepping a presentation your boss totally forgot about or you knew would fall off the priority list.

Consider this. You’re out to dinner on a date, absorbed in conversation. You’ve nearly finished your water and are already wanting more to stay awake and continue to listen to this unbelievably long story. You look down, expecting to take the last sip, and look at that! The waiter snuck in like a ninja and poured you a glass of water without you even having to voice the request. What a sneaky, ninja waiter! The karmic action taken to respond well in advance of what is asked of you is a gift- and allows you and your boss to trust you a bit more, and trust the situation!

Take Initiative

When you’re on the ball you’re holding down the job. It is important to learn how to time-manage and get everything completed each day without nudges and sighs from your surrounding employees.

Once you’ve nailed the day to day workflow, starting seeking out new opportunities at the office that excite you or build on skills you’d like to utilize in your professional life. Demonstrate your learned new skill or knowledge by shooting your boss and email with a summary of the training video, or booking time on your calendar marked with your specific initiative.

Not only does taking the initiative to learn it on your own demonstrate self-will and a good work ethic, but it also shows your independence as an employee, making you an appealing candidate for more tasks and learning new things without your boss hawking over you.

Take initiative, demonstrate your professional skills to your boss, and the trust bar with rise-and so might your professional role!

Give Receipts of Achievements

Whenever you do anything well, use your communication skills to let your boss know you’ve worked hard and it paid off. If you’ve forever received “no” from a certain client, communicate the time you got a “es” to our boss. Let them know you’re doing well and rising above challenging circumstances. The little successes add up- and will make you seem like a more likely candidate for bigger challenges.

Be A Yes-Man

A remedy to mending or building trust from the foundation up is saying yes instead of no. When your boss throws you a bone, YES. You take it. When your boss gives you a task or responsibility that is not in your job title, YES. You take. When your boss asks you to dinner with husband or wife, YES. You take it. Prioritize the opportunities that come your way by taking them, saying yes, and leaving your negativity or heavy workload aside to address the challenge of saying yes.

Become Friends With Your Boss

A good way to break the ice and begin to build trust sneakily is to make friends with your boss. Hopefully, you both can connect on some level and more hopefully, he or she will like you! Think about how much your sibling or significant other trusts you. This didn’t just come with the relationship! This was built on connection, compassion, honesty, and exchange. Find a way to be friends with your boss. Maybe check out his LinkedIn profile or figure out his hobbies. Is there something on his desk that scream, closet sci-fi nerd? Pick something and bring it up at the end of a meeting briefly, or closing the day on the elevator.

friends with boss

You don’t have to become best friends with your boss, you don’t even have to love spending time with him or her for endless hour in your spare time. You just need to make a connection, exchange words and thoughts on a matter or two, and continue to work up the trust that is buried deep within the fuzzy, squishy heart of friendship.


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