The 5 Most Appropriate Good Luck Gifts

Whether you like them or not, whether the news is making you jump for joy or you are crying to see them go, a going away and good luck gift is usually the appropriate response in these circumstances.

Even if you and your colleague weren’t close or didn’t get along, chances are you will need them in good graces for a future reference or keeping them in contact (in case they are going to work for your dream company!).

But on the other hand, if you really did love them, yet you still think you should be a bit more appropriate with your gift, we are here to help you choose from the five types of most appropriate good luck gifts.

Future gifts

5 Appropriate Good Luck Gifts

If you know where your colleague is going off to, or if they are retiring then you could give them a nice and particularly thoughtful gift that they could use, help them transition and look forward to the future. If your colleague is retiring, you could get them a brand new personalized fishing tackle box or set of golf clubs, or pull money together from the office and buy credit for a plane ticket to a vacation for them and their choice of traveling partner. The possibilities of retiring gifts are endless. Another option could be a membership to museums or to somewhere that they would love to go to. Retirement is about having fun again, relaxing and doing the things they want to do. You should opt for a gift that gives them the opportunity to do that, or at least help them decide where to start.

If your colleague is going to a different field or a higher position, you can customize the gift. For instance, engraving their name and the companies name onto personalized ball point pens, or buying them a small trinket representing their new endeavor.

Crafty gifts

5 Appropriate Good Luck Gifts

This can get a little dependent upon the situation and the person in question, but crafty gifts like mugs picture frames can be borderline tacky. If you pair it with something else a bit more valuable, you can make it work. This always depends on the people you are buying for and the decision of your workmates, if it is a group gift. If you are giving it individually to your colleague, look for professionally crafted gifts so they can give off the best impression.

Personalized gifts

5 Appropriate Good Luck Gifts

This could be anything from a desk engraved name plate to gift cards to their favorite restaurant. If your workmates agree, you can pull together money to donate to their favorite charity, or to buy them the specific vacation they’ve been talking about for years. If you and your workmates know them a little better, you can get a bit more personal. A piece of nice jewelry that she would love or a great quality watch could be thoughtful and not cheap looking gifts that could help them remember you when they are gone.

Generalized gifts

5 Appropriate Good Luck Gifts

Some generalized gifts for those that don’t have a great relationship with their colelagues or if they just simply don’t know too much about their personal life would be anything electronic. Chances are they might have some of the items already, but a nice smart watch, for instance, or an iPod, a new iPad, can be a great and general gift that anyone would appreciate.

If they already have one, they can exchange it for something else, but try and find out before you gift them something like this. A gift card to iTunes or to a business and travel accessories store is also a generalized gift where your colleague can pick out the things they like the best and they will think of you when they use it. You can also go with the original flowers, an office plant or a nice pastry offering like a cake to get the job done.


5 Appropriate Good Luck Gifts

Do not forget the card. Whether your relationship with your colleague was close or you are happy to see them go, a card, note or email is the last piece of the gift that should be done. Whether you are telling them the impact they have had on you, congratulating them on their career at that company, or wishing them luck for their future, your words WILL have an impact on them and they might even cherish it more than the actual gift.

The card and your intentions are usually way more important than any gift. Also, there could be a possibility that your colleague is pretty high up the ladder at that point, so material items wouldn’t have that much of an impact on them as the sentimental value of an experience or words would have.

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