NIKKY HOME Shabby Chic Dog Shaped Desk Calendar

Sometimes life gets too hectic and we tend to forget what the date is. Some days just roll around when we are busy and we get surprised when we realize that it is already Friday, or worse, one of our loved ones is celebrating their birthday, an anniversary is coming up, or Christmas is just right around the corner and we almost missed it.

Now you are pressed for time to come up with a present that will make your significant other or loved one feel extra special on that notable day.

Luckily you know this person more than anyone does, and you remember that they love Dachshunds, or are already caring for one. That sparks an idea in your head, and you come up with a plan that you will get them something Dachshund related because getting a real one is too expensive at the moment and they might not be able to care for one on such short notice.

You also recall that they too, like you, have trouble keeping up with dates. So what’s better than getting them this wooden desk calendar in the shape of a Dachshund by Nikky Home?

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Detailed information about NIKKY HOME Shabby Chic Dog Shaped Desk Calendar

This white wooden calendar in the shape of your recipient’s favorite pooch is in a convenient size of 13 and 2/5 inches which makes it the perfect desk accessory because it will not crowd up your workstation but is visible enough for you to see what date it is.

This adorable calendar comes with 6 wooden parts – two square blocks with numbers so you can manually input the date for today, the Dachshund dog frame and three blocks in the shape of a rectangle that has each month printed on every side.


Wonderful retro finish

A good size for a desk

Pretty affordable