BESTOYARD Sequins Fanny Pack Waist Pack Bag

Teenagers can really be difficult to shop for. Whether you are buying them a gift for a holiday or a birthday, or just because, sometimes you can have trouble finding the item that they are going to love. But one thing that you know if you have a teen in your life is that they love bling. They love stuff that’s shiny, whether it’s jewelry, clothing or bags like this one. That’s what makes this bag such a perfect choice when you are shopping for a gift for a picky teenager.

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Detailed information about BESTOYARD Sequins Fanny Pack Waist Pack Bag

This sequined fanny pack is made of polyester and it measures around 15x25x1cm. it’s just big enough keys, a wallet and a phone. Whether they are going to school, out with friends or anywhere else, this fanny pack will help them keep everything close and where they can easily reach it. Although it’s called a waist pack, this versatile bag can be also worn over the shoulder if the teen prefers.

This strong, durable and soft bag comes with an adjustable strap so that it can be worn and used as the teen prefers. The sequins on it create a stylish look and the zippered pouch works smoothly and holds in the contents securely.