Segreto Creative Plants Flower Pot For Succulent Plants

From Segreto comes this super adorable little flower pot that makes a delightful gift for almost any occasion. It is a small planter that has one of the cutest designs imaginable. It has a concrete appearance to it and it is cylindrical in shape. On the side of the little flower pot, there is a tiny little staircase that is cut out of it. The little staircase runs in zig-zags up the side of the pot.

At the top of the staircase and the edge of the flower pot, there is a small hedgehog mama wearing an adorable backpack that is green with fruit overflowing from it. She is cheerfully looking down on her three tiny baby hedgehogs that are climbing up the little zig-zagging staircase. At the very bottom of the staircase, there is a small area cut out where the little hedgehogs must live. It has a cute table and chairs, brick walls, a clock hanging on the wall, a light, and more delightful details.

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Detailed information about Segreto Creative Plants Flower Pot For Succulent Plants

This little planter is so cute and has so much to admire and enjoy about it. It is 5.5 inches tall and has a diameter of just over 4 inches. The inside section of the planter has a depth of 3 inches and a diameter of 2.8 inches. This is the area where you can put some soil and plant a plant. You can either grow flowers here, or it can make a really great succulent planter If you prefer not to use it as a planter at all, you can certainly use it to hold anything else you can think of such as pens and pencils or other office-type supplies. The planter looks like concrete but is actually made of resin. This is a super cute decoration that can go great in all kinds of areas.