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Scentiments SISTER Gift Candle Cinnamon

As you go about preparing gifts for friends, it is expected that you would forget your immediate family. As much as friends spice up life, it is essential to appreciate family since they will always be there when you need them. For a sister, it can be a little challenging to find a specific gift for them/

Luckily, you could say less and impress your sister with this personalized candle gift. It will not only fill her room with a heavenly scent but also remind her of how much she means to you. It can be a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any random day to surprise her.

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Detailed information about Scentiments SISTER Gift Candle Cinnamon

This candle will put a smile on a sister's face. It is designed to warm her room with the fantastic scent while keeping her smile with the thoughtful message on the candle jar. It is made of 100 % soy wax which guarantees that it is safe and clean to burn in the indoors. The candle will be a great companion on chilly evenings and early mornings as she gets about her activities.

The good thing with this candle is that the Mason jar is fully recyclable. That means she can still use the jar for other items once the candle burns out completely. The jar can come in handy as storage can for small things as well as a smoothie jar. Also, it can be a décor piece, a succulent planter or a flower vase after use.