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Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Skateboard

Most of the time, kids are very adventurous and would try anything their friends are doing. Running around, doing cartwheels, swimming… all these are super fun activities, but you can help turn the fun up a notch further. Why not introduce your kid to one of the most famous and extremely fun activities around? If you thought of skateboarding, then you are right.

Introducing this fun action sport at a young age will encourage your kids to go out and play by themselves or with friends. But what about the skateboard itself? Where do you get such a thing? We got good news for you – we found the perfect skateboard that is perfect for beginners, and that is this Butterfly Jive with Canadian Maple Skateboard by Punisher Skateboards.

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Detailed information about Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Skateboard

This colorful and super cool looking 31-inch skateboard is adorned with graffiti style art composed of butterflies in a psychedelic color palette. The concave design on both sides of the board gives the rider’s feet the best position possible to do turns, tricks and comfortable riding experience.

The custom painted red trucks coupled with the ivory white wheels complements the deck’s vibrant painted design. As for the top part of this awesome skateboard, the grip tape glued onto it is high quality so you do not need to worry about slipping off.



The design is cool, vibrant and not too girly, so it is perfect for tween girls who are not super into that kind of design

A good starter skateboard