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One of the most difficult choices to make when preparing for any type of exercise but especially for a run is the type of clothing to wear. The item of clothing we are talking about at the moment is the hat. Such a simple device, its purposes are to protect the head and eyes from the effects of sunlight, it must stop sweat from running into the eyes, it must keep hair under control and it must do all these while staying on the head but not be so tight as to cause a headache.

For some added bonuses it would be a good idea if the hat used bright colors to be easily seen at dusk or dawn, the hat is ventilated to keep the head cool, and the hat is easily washed after use. This hat covers all these requirements and looks good too. It is stylish and can be used for many different activities, not just running. The types of people who use this hat are runners, triathletes, endurance athletes, fun runs, hikers, skateboarders and people who just want to look cool.

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The fabric dries up to four times faster than cotton and the terry headband stops sweat from running down the forehead and into the eyes. The hat is perfect for normal everyday use, for wearing to the beach or beside the pool, wearing while taking the dog for a walk or playing with the kids in the park.

The fit is adjusted by means of a brass buckle at the back of the hat where there is also a ponytail portal so the wearer can keep long hair in one place.


This is made from lightweight and breathable fabric allowing the perspiration to evaporate through the hat

It has mesh panels to allow cool air circulation

The peak prevents the sun from shining in the wearer’s eyes

Made in bright high visibility colors to be seen in low light conditions