Royal Decanters Sailing Ship – Perfect Gift Set

When a person reaches a certain age, the thought of retirement begins to nuzzle itself into the person’s consciousness. Thoughts of relaxing after a lifetime of hard toil start to beckon and the mind that up until then has always been active begins to wonder what adventures await after giving up the experiences of a lifetime’s occupation.

The Royal Decanters Sailing Ship is the perfect decanter for the recipient’s favorite tipple.

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Detailed information about Royal Decanters Sailing Ship – Perfect Gift Set

For those people who are younger than the retiree and who have to continue with the daily grind, the question also enters their head as to what gift should we give the lucky person on their retirement.

This is always a difficult decision because we don’t want to appear cheap yet we don’t want to overspend, especially if the gift is being paid for by contributions from the colleagues. There is also the problem of what kind of thing to buy. By retirement age, most people have everything they need and want so a gift that is not chosen wisely can be seen to be a waste of money or even in extreme circumstances, an insult. It is best to give the retiring person something to help them relax and provide good memories of a lifetime at work.


This is a beautiful glass decanter set with four etched glasses designed to look classy and cozy while being practical at the same time

Fabulous artisan made decanter set that anyone would love to own

Perfect as a retirement gift or in fact as a gift for any occasion