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Rose Gold Flameless Lanterns

Are you, a relative or a friend looking for something to liven up a gathering this year? Maybe, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, your friend needs something to decorate the room or even place on the dining table for the feast? If there aren’t any parties or family gatherings then this product could be bought to decorate and add a bit of atmosphere to a living room or nursery bedroom.

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you should consider purchasing this lovely gift to brighten up your friend’s home or place of work.

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Detailed information about Rose Gold Flameless Lanterns

This set of two Rose Gold Flameless Lanterns from LampLust is just the item you need to buy. Each lantern is made from rose gold colored stainless steel and glass. There is a hinged door in the side of the lantern that leads to the inside where there is a tangle of 30 pretty LED fairy lights giving off a warm white glow. Each lantern is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are hidden in a clever compartment in the base and only accessible from underneath.

There is an automatic built in timer that allows the LEDs to turn on, shine for five hours and turn off at the same time each day. This is really good if the owner wants to have them on for five hours every evening and be secure in the knowledge that they will turn themselves off when the time comes. What a bonus!


Beautiful pair of lanterns made from stainless steel and glass

The LED fairy lights are powered by three AAA batteries

The lanterns are small enough to be a useful addition to a room design yet not big enough to overpower the theme


The lanterns are not designed to be used in the rain or in a place of high humidity