Phillips Wake Up Light

Looking for the perfect gift for that fabulous snoozer in everybody’s life? Look no further than this product. It is an alarm clock that simulates a sunrise and it is produced by Phillips. Nobody really enjoys waking up at the crack of the dawn and this amazing product will make sure that the pain of the early mornings is gone! Instead of being ripped out of the sweet dreams by a noisy alarm clock, with this product people will be able to experience a calm and energizing waking up. This gift will literally brighten anyone’s day!

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Detailed information about Phillips Wake Up Light

This alarm clock is packed with features! It includes a snooze tap, digital LED display, and 10 distinctive lamp intensifiers for bedside reading or late night studying. The real draw though is the HF3500 Wake-Up light. It is clinically proven to enhance and aid the body's natural process of emerging from sleep. The Phillips wake-up light simulates the rising sun by incrementally increasing the brightness of the light for 30 minutes, allowing the body to awaken organically while avoiding the harsh and abrupt awakening.