Funny Superhero Grandpa Coffee Mug

Grandpa is always a superhero to his grandchildren. He is the one who shows them caterpillars in the garden or helps them collect tadpoles from the pond. He is the one who buys them toffees and doughnuts when they go out for a walk, and he is the one who doesn’t mind if the kids splash in puddles on the way home. The things that Grandpa can do are so varied and amazing that it is no wonder the kids call him a superhero. Yes, you got it, Grandpa is a superhero.

He also likes to be told so! This mug from Amazing Items is probably the best coffee or tea mug you can buy with a funny logo printed on both sides.

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Detailed information about Funny Superhero Grandpa Coffee Mug

When you order the mug, you have a choice of an 11oz or a 15oz mug that is printed on both sides, so it doesn’t matter if Grandpa is right or left handed, we will still see the image. The mugs are made from good quality ceramic and perfectly safe for hot or cold beverages. The mug is safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher and won’t lose its printing. It is also microwave proof in case Grandpa has fallen asleep again and wants to have his coffee warmed up. It is delivered to the purchaser in a well padded and packaged box and is ready to be wrapped as a gift.

If you wish to have Grandpa’s mug customized, the person’s name can be written onto the mug before sending to you. If you would rather buy a mug for another significant other in your family, the company also produces personalized mugs for Grandma, Dad, and Mom.



This mug comes in two handy sizes

100% ceramic

Is completely dishwasher and microwave oven