Resin Toy Banks Aqua And Purple Sugar Skull

After shopping at the grocery store, you are most likely to have some change coins in your purse. These coins if accumulated can help you buy something you wish in the future. But, if you do not save them in the right manner, you might end up losing some around your house. Why not buy a coin bank which will make saving fun to do with your kids. This toy coin bank is a beautiful piece, and it functions as a décor piece at the same time.

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Detailed information about Resin Toy Banks Aqua And Purple Sugar Skull

This skull-shaped coin bank comes as a floral piece with bright colors for decorative purposes. More to this, it has a small opening at the top where you can drop your coins. If you wish to open it up and retrieve your money, you can open the plug at the bottom.

If your folks love sugar skull, then this would be a suitable gift for them. The good thing is that they can use it to decorate space or saving their coins, which makes it a great double deal. The creative cast resin material lasts longer than standard plastic. Since it is hand-painted, the floral effect lasts long and the finish holds on well over time.