Real Hollow Book Music Box – The Little Mermaid (Leather-bound)

Getting lost in your book is a great escape from our otherwise mundane existence, a fantastical world we enter when our reality bums us out – that is why a lot of people you may know, or even yourself, are total bookworms. Not only are you learning about new things but you are also being entertained endlessly whatever genre you are reading at the moment.

And when it comes to people who are avid book readers, gifts that can enhance the book reading experience have been proven to be popular – bookmarks, book lights, new books and limited edition hardcover books by their favorite classic authors are just some examples of awesome presents for the reader in your life.

But since these gifts are so expected and common, they probably have those in some form or another, or worse, they won’t even like it, but will still accept because it is, after all, coming from you.

So what do you give the bibliophile friend or family member on their birthday or any occasion at all if we listed everything here that they may already have? Simple – you give them this leather bound Music box by Bookrooks.

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Detailed information about Real Hollow Book Music Box – The Little Mermaid (Leather-bound)

And this was totally not a random book because the cover boasts of a vintage-looking The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, which will get the 10-year-old kid inside us to get excited.

This super sophisticated book is finished with shiny gilt edges and inside it has a starfish and shell pattern to keep up with the Mermaid Theme.

And last but certainly not the least, lovely music starts playing when you open the box and plays for a whole three minutes in a single winding.


Well made

Pretty decent price for what it is