Rackaphile Lead-Free Wick, Notes with Rose Lemon

Creating ambiance in your home does not necessarily mean having the best pieces of art, lighting accessories and state of the art appliances. It boils down to keeping things you love that bring the mood right to space. Candles have been used since the ancient times to create a relaxing feel to any room.

They come in different styles and scents, and you can always get what you like. Some are infused with essential oils to bring out a calming effect when burning. These candles from Rackaphile are beautiful and would make a nice gift for your loved ones.

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Detailed information about Rackaphile Lead-Free Wick, Notes with Rose Lemon

The candles come in a set of four round, bowl-like tins. They are beautifully designed to complement any space you would like to use them. The candles are infused with rose, lemon, lavender and Mediterranean fig scents. They have a crisp breeze and a calming aroma. They are designed to infuse your home with the best of fragrances while the warm light adds ambiance and a sense of style to the room.

The wax is eco-friendly and free from toxins which makes the candles to use in any area. There is less likelihood of developing allergies when burning the candles. The wick is 100% cotton which is easy to light and put off. It lights for approximately 25- 30 hours filling your space with the vibrant mood. You can reuse the tins as décor pieces or small cases to store your jewelry.