Not Parent Approved: A Family Card Game

One of the ways families can enjoy quality time together is by having game nights. Now, it gets a little challenging to find a game that the kids can join in without worrying about shielding them from adult content. Such games are few, but you can still find suitable ones.

An example of a kid’s friendly game is this Not Parent Approved. It is suitable for the entire family and kids from ages eight can comfortably take part in the game. The game can be an appropriate gift idea for a family event, and you can be sure everyone will have fun taking down the challenges.

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Detailed information about Not Parent Approved: A Family Card Game

So, what is the outline of this card game? The package comes with a set of cards, 445 to be precise. The cards are divided into two types where 105 have questions, and the other 350 have answers. Also, the package has a set of rules to guide participants on how to play. One thing to expect with this game is how funny it will get bursting each other with the questions.

This game is ideal for kids and will not get any of them into trouble. This is because not even a single card has adult content.


Fun family card game

Easy to play in groups

Allows extension packs for larger groups


Might not work for everyone