Planet of The Apes: Trilogy Pack

For those who are not familiar, the Planet of the Apes is a story about how apes are taking control over the world due to their ‘enhanced intelligence.’  To most people, this will sound familiar because they have either heard about or seen the movies. This gift would be suitable for any Planet of the Apes fan or just for any sci-fi fan. It is a one of a kind, trilogy pack of the Planet of the Apes movies. All three parts are exciting and awesome! This gift can be bought for a friend’s birthday and it will serve as a good movie marathon material.

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Detailed information about Planet of The Apes: Trilogy Pack

The trilogy might be a perfect gift for people who love to binge tv shows and movies. With this pack, the giftees will instantly get more than 3 hours worth of cinematics in their own home. They will have the trilogy at reach for whenever the situation requests it. This pack will be a great gift as it will last and can be added as the newest part of someone's movie collection.