PetPeek Fence Windows For Pets: Easy Set-up

It’s easy to get a gift for a person but what about man’s best friend? Sure you can get them a bone but what happens when that bone is gone? Then, they’ve got nothing to play with. Luckily, PetPeek has made a fabulous gift that will last a dog a lifetime! The PetPeek Fence Window turns any backyard into a bigger world for any dog. Sometimes dogs get curious about what’s beyond the fence. This can lead to jumping or digging which ultimately ends up destroying the lawn and any flowers nearby. But the fenced window lets the dog see past the fence and therefore eliminates their furious curiosity.

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Detailed information about PetPeek Fence Windows For Pets: Easy Set-up

It features a dome measuring 9.5 inches in diameter, with a black trim ring that allows the dome to be securely mounted to a hole in the fence. The dome not only allows the dog to see through the fence, but it allows the dog to put its head into the hole for the illusion that it is more outside. This not only helps keep your backyard safe but it helps keep your dog safe by reducing their stress and anxiety.