John Hanly Irish Woolen Hat

Hats are back in style and better than ever! While hats used to be the must have accessory, in recent times the popularity of the hat has majorly declined.

Thankfully, they are making a big comeback, and that makes this Irish woolen hat a great gift to get for you dad, grandfather, spouse, or boyfriend. Even better, even though this is technically a man’s hat, it looks great on women too. So, if you are a man looking for a gift for your wife, mother, or grandmother, this is a great gift option for them as well.

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Detailed information about John Hanly Irish Woolen Hat

This woolen hat is incredibly well made and will also serve as a bit of a conversation piece. While it certainly has a vintage charm, it is still a wonderful hat that has a place in modern society and is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who wears it.

That hat itself has a herringbone design complete with small flecks of color, even though the overall color of the hat is a nice shade of navy. Made entirely of wool, this is a great hat to wear during colder months and is sure to keep anyone’s head nice and warm even during cold temperatures, wind, or snow.