Pascado 13” Leather Laptop Crossbody Satchel

These days more and more people need a large bag to carry tablet computers, laptops, phones, headphones and all manner of items, especially when traveling. 

But because the items being carried are valuable personal electronic devices, you need a bag that is sturdy, durable, has lots of room and looks good too.

Anyway, many laptop shoulder bags have narrow shoulder straps and before too long the weight causes the strap to dig into the bearer’s shoulder. This is very uncomfortable and something to be avoided at all cost.  

This crossbody satchel from Pascado Handbags is ideal for carrying a laptop, iPad or Android Tablet, headphones, documents, and files as well as the personal items needed on a long trip. 

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Detailed information about Pascado 13” Leather Laptop Crossbody Satchel

Can be used for work, trips or leisure. The beautiful leather bag has three internal compartments and two zippered pockets so you can carry around your smaller items safely too.

As this is made from natural leather you will find that the color varies slightly from the example photos.

You will also find that the leather seems very stiff when you first receive it, but over a couple of weeks, the leather will start to soften.

One of the beautiful things about leather is that as it ages and becomes scuffed so it will look even better.


Made from beautiful goat leather

Designed to fit a laptop or tablet computer

Stylish and strong leather briefcase and traveling bag