P Graham Dunn Family Wood Plaque Fully Reviewed

If you are thinking of a meaningful gift for a family, then you ought to search for creative ideas. For a family that has different personalities within themselves, it would make sense to find a neutral gift. That way, everyone in the family will appreciate without feeling like it matches one better than the other.

A good idea would have to be a decorative wall art piece. Not only do such gifts match any space but also lift and improve the appearance. This wall plaque from P Graham Dunn is a suitable option for a family gift. It will work well for any upcoming family event.

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Detailed information about P Graham Dunn Family Wood Plaque Fully Reviewed

The wall plaque is made of quality MDF wood which is finished to last a long time. The wood comes in a natural wood grain finish which makes it unique from the usual wall signs.

The wood plaque measures 12 inches by 12 inches. This size is perfect for any space; big or small. It is detailed so every detail can show from a distance. Also, it is pretty toned down, so it doesn't overwhelm space or compete with existing décor. It comes in a beautiful puzzle design which makes it even more unique.


Creative puzzle design

Perfect for any space

Quality wood


Small size