Onnea Enamel Brooch Pin Set

The set comes with five different novelty assorted pins that are centered around a tropical theme. The pins include a pineapple, sunglasses, a rainbow, a watermelon and a toucan. All of which are brightly colored and glazed for a nice smooth shine! They’re perfect for wearing on jackets, shirts and even backpacks or purses. Onnea is a large jewelry manufacturer that has been in the business for over 10 years, so you know their jewelry has something special to it. They’re committed to giving customers the most cost-effective jewelry without sacrificing quality or fashion.

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Detailed information about Onnea Enamel Brooch Pin Set

In addition to the pins being made of high-quality materials, they are also nicely packed in a beautiful little satchel. If any of the pins are damaged or look incorrect the manufacturer can be contacted, and a refund or repair can be arranged. However, this won’t be necessary because all of their products are carefully created and inspected so that each is up to Onnea’s high standards. To keep the pins for a long time, Onnea advises that you avoid wearing the jewelry in humid environments and to remove it from clothes when washing.