YJ.GWL Girls Denim Overalls

Along with all the other vintage styles that are beginning to resurface, overalls are slowly becoming one of the most popular. They have that classic look and are really comfortable to wear! That’s why YJ.GWL Girls Denim Overalls need to be the present you give to your teenage girl!

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Detailed information about YJ.GWL Girls Denim Overalls

These overalls are the perfect combination of style and comfort. They’re made from a blend of cotton and denim so they’re durable but still soft to the touch which is fantastic for wearing all day. They also come with adjustable straps that hook onto the front so they can easily be adjusted in case of tightness or discomfort. The straps can also be changed for different styles. They can be straight up and down or crossed in the back. There are also two pockets in the front and back along with a small front pocket bib on the torso area. These pockets are small but enough to carry small items like keys or change. The denim overalls are made of fantastic high-quality fabric and are super wear-resistant which is perfect for active teens!