On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen 

If you have a chef or a foodie in your life, this book titled ‘On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen” by Jeremy Fox and 2 more, would be an excellent gift to them. This cookbook is simply incredible. It has interesting information and highlights on cooking vegetables.

Jeremy Fox is a game-changer in vegetable preparation and cooking. His approaches to cooking and preparation methods are on another level and yield exemplary results. He is one of the most popular and talked-about chefs in America. He is celebrated for the unique recipes and ingredients that result to delicious, and fingerpicking cuisines served in his restaurant. This book will not only be a hit to vegetarians, but even meat eaters would love to try the incredible recipes illustrated in it.

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Detailed information about On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen 

In this cookbook, Jeremy Fox doesn't disappoint. He makes sure that the readers and aspiring chefs are familiarized with the primary terms used in the steps before embarking on the recipes. He even goes on to explain to his audience his inspiration for writing this particular cookbook which he says took him almost 10 years and gives his reasons why.

Do you know someone whose plate never misses a good serving of vegetables? Perhaps you should grab a copy for them and elevate their cooking. This book is simply remarkable. It gives the reader a new perspective and different ways to look at cooking ingredients. Each recipe is well illustrated and accompanied by eye-catching photographs.


A beautiful book, well-written with illustrations and exciting photography

The author, Jeremy is a celebrated and award-winning chef with accolades such as “Best New chef of 2008”, “Best restaurants” among many others

The book is available in hardcover format


Some of the recipes are complicated with a lot of referential recipes which would take days to prepare