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Nike Men’s Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe

It is a fact that most sports require specialist shoes and clothing to help the wearer give their full effort when playing the game or sport. Golf is no different from any of the other sports and pastimes when it comes to needing a specific shoe, the golfing shoe just has to cope with its own set of problems and provide solutions to suitably enhance the way the body and especially the foot reacts to the distinctive movements found when playing golf. Nike is one of the best and most popular sports accessory manufacturers and their range of shoes and boots for different kinds of sports are second to none.

Specifically, their range of golf shoes is designed to provide a solution to the problems inherent in the game of golf. The body movements, the specific wear, and tear, the weather and the ground conditions commonly encountered while playing.

The Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe is one of Nike’s superb range of sports shoes.

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Detailed information about Nike Men’s Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe

They come in a full range of fifteen different colors and styles, but each one gives the same performance and provides a solution to the same problems. The shoes come in a range of standard US men’s shoe sizes ranging from size 7 right up to size 13, but unusually these shoes step up in increments of half sizes. Being able to choose size 9 ½ rather than size 9 or size 10 will really improve the comfort and fit of these specialist sports shoes, and similarly for all the other sizes as well. Please note that not all the different styles are available in all the sizes.

They are easily cleaned when muddy and the lacing is enhanced with Flywire technology to provide a dynamic and supportive fit. The soles are cushioned using Lunarlon providing a responsive heel and toe while allowing easy and stable walking. There are seven Champ PiviX spikes that easily lock and unlock into a Champ SLIM-Lok spike system for increased ground sensitivity and enhanced traction no matter on what ground surface the wearer is walking.


Well designed and well-made pair of golf shoes

Available in half sizes

Shoes will keep feet dry in wet grass

A range of fifteen different colors and styles


Not all sizes are available in every style