Natural Plain Leather Bookmark Gift Set

Do you have a loved one whose idea of a good time is curling in their favorite couch with a book and drink? The book lover who never lacks a book in their hands? Sure, you can choose to celebrate their birthday or a special day in their life with yet another book. But then, wouldn’t that be so predictable? Besides, they probably have a huge bookshelf full of books they are yet to read. Why not pick a gift that will enhance their reading experience and constantly remind them of your kind gesture?

This set of 4 natural plain leather bookmarks from ES Corner Leather will make an amazing gift to a book lover. They will certainly become a useful reading accessory. Bookmarks greatly help a reader to keep track of pages with ease. They help keep the reader’s place so that they can pick up from where they left when reading a book.

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Detailed information about Natural Plain Leather Bookmark Gift Set

The bookmarks are made of high-quality leather and hold up pretty well. They measure approximately 0.75 -0.82mm thick. They will sit snug in between pages without creating huge gaps.

They are carefully designed with metal studs of about 165mm( H) and 30mm (W) to fold up the bookmark into place firmly. The bookmarks create a nice detailing that enhances the charm of the leather material that is used to make these cute bookmarks.


Made from genuine goatskin leather

They are available in natural colors

A great reading accessory for the avid book lovers