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3pcs Father Mother I Love U Charm Pendant Keychain

Nothing is fulfilling as the gift of family. A family is basically everything, and everybody wishes treasure it. But what a better to remind each other of the family bond we share other than having memorable keepsakes that tell a story and emotions. If you are looking for the perfect family gift that will bring out the essence of family love, then this 3pcs pendant keychain is so far the most befitting family gift.

It’s the most beautiful and memorable gift to pass to your parents and yourself to always remind all of you of the family bond you share. It will always be a constant reminder or the people who are most dear to you, which is family in this case. The love between a dad, mom, and a child is forever and everlasting and so is this beautiful 3pcs pendant keychain. Its suitable gift for men, women, and girls.

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Detailed information about 3pcs Father Mother I Love U Charm Pendant Keychain

This keychain is made of stainless steel. It's highly durable, safe and free of toxic materials. It won't distort, rust, or tarnish or change its original beautiful color neither will it get dark. Its beautifully bright, with the right shine, made out of highest quality material. This piece is the real stuff.  It’s designed to perfection to meet the highest quality standards.

But that's not all the good stuff you will get with this unique family keychain. Each piece of this gorgeously designed pendant is artfully engraved with a special message for mom, dad, and a daughter. The pieces are split into three parts that combine to form a lovely heart shape to symbolize the special love shared between a mother, a father, and a daughter. It's absolutely adorable!


Made of highest quality material

Comes in 3set pieces meant for dad, mom, and daughter

Comes with a free jewelry bag

Each piece is engraved with a heartwarming message