NASCAR Ride Along at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Motor racing is one of the most exciting spectators’ sports that anyone can experience:

  • Share the thrill of the crowds.
  • Experience the adrenaline rush, when the car shoots past at professional speeds.
  • Feel the excitement when the driver takes a corner too sharply and almost leaves the track.

All these and more are the experiences that draw so many spectators to view motor car racing in general and NASCAR racing in particular.

Up until now, the excitement has only been vicarious, never being able to experience the excitement first hand. This product, however, allows anyone (as long as they meet the minimum requirements) to experience the excitement of being in the cab of a NASCAR race car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This unique gift from NASCAR Racing Experience will enable adrenaline junkies to experience first-hand what it is really like to ride in this iconic race car. The gift is to be driven by a professional race car instructor for three laps at professional race car speeds around the Las Vegas Speedway track.

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Detailed information about NASCAR Ride Along at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

They will be able to ride 'shotgun' as a passenger, experiencing the fun of being in the race while leaving the difficult driving to a professional NASCAR driver. If the person to whom you want to give this gift doesn’t live near to the Las Vegas race track, don’t worry.

Look onto the NASCAR Racing Experience Amazon shopping page to see the full range of gift packages available at various locations around the country. The requirements are that the passenger must be a minimum of five feet tall weighing at least 100lbs. If the passenger is below the age of eighteen years, then they must have parental consent.


Experience first-hand the adrenaline rush of NASCAR racing

Be driven safely by a race car instructor

Experience three laps of pure excitement