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DecorHouzz Music Lover Embroidered Pillow Cover

It is always a problem deciding on the perfect gift for a friend or family member whose life’s passion is music, especially if you know nothing about the subject. Yes, you might like to listen to the latest hits, but you are not a serious music lover like your friend who not only listens to good quality music but often plays good quality music as well. If this describes your situation then you possibly need to look no further for this DecorHouzz Music Lover Embroidered Pillow Cover from Eurasia Décor as the ideal gift for a serious music lover.

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Detailed information about DecorHouzz Music Lover Embroidered Pillow Cover

It is a pure cotton pillow or cushion cover measuring about 18” x 18” (45.7cm x 45.7cm). The cushion cover is colored Navy Blue and has the inscription “MUSIC IS LIFE. THAT’S WHYOUR HEARTS HAVE BEATS” embroidered carefully onto one side. The cushion cover has a hidden zipper that opens and closes the opening and allows the cushion insert to be easily taken out if the cover needs cleaning.

This is the perfect gift for a favorite music teacher or maybe a guitar player or pianist. How about giving one to your church organist as a thank you gift? Every musician finds they have to sit in the same position without being able to move for a long time and often the chairs aren’t the most comfortable. By putting a cushion insert inside this case, they can have their favorite cushion to sit on while they play.


A really useful gift for the practicing musician or the person who likes to sit through long concerts

The bright colors and great inscriptions help to make this cushion cover something special for the recipient

The cushion covers are supplied in three different colors and with three different inscriptions so they can be mixed and matched