Play22 Keyboard Playmat with 24 Piano Keys

There isn’t a child alive who wouldn’t be immediately captivated by this giant size keyboard – there are probably more than a few adults who couldn’t resist either.

Remember the movie “Big” and the giant piano that Tom Hanks played? Here is a version that can be used by children, small, and big right at home. This piano keyboard mat is meant to be walked on to make all kinds of music.

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Detailed information about Play22 Keyboard Playmat with 24 Piano Keys

There are four different modes that allow for recording the music played, playing a pre-recorded demonstration of what is available, a playback feature, and of course, simply playing and responding to what your little one’s little feet tell it to play.

This musical mat by Play22 is a whopping 71 inches long and requires only four AA batteries (not included) to make sweet music.

The piano has an adjustable volume, an on and off switch that is lit, as well as an automatic off feature when the piano hasn’t been in use for a bit.

The playback mode allows children to practice listening skills and the mat itself promotes coordination as well as letting younger children work on their motor skills.


The piano has four different modes and an adjustable volume

Runs on four AA batteries that are not included

Plays with the sounds of eight different musical instruments